Windows 11: how to upgrade for free from Windows 10

If this is the first time connecting Bluetooth devices to a Windows 10 computer, however, you should check that a Bluetooth adapter is installed, working and allowed. To manually update the driver, you can go to the Intel official site to download the latest version of Bluetooth driver, install it step by step. And if you use others Bluetooth devices, you can go to the official site to download and install it manually.

  • And, like download NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience, video captures from AMD ReLive will be stored in your user’s ‘Videos’ folder.
  • So, head towards to your manufacturer’s website and grab the latest Bluetooth drivers.
  • Next, select “Game DVR” and then adjust the settings.

The first annoying thing I noticed when Windows 11 booted up was a large promotional screen asking me to sign up for a Game Pass using the Xbox app. It may be different for you, but I never, ever want the Xbox app to run on my laptop. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided that the Xbox app should start automatically for every Windows 11 user.

Check Manually Whether The Bluetooth Service Is Still Running

There’s no more full-screen Start Menu, and instead, icons will have more space and be easier to touch when you use your device in tablet mode. With this feature, you can choose between 6 available layouts to organize your open applications better. However, Snap won’t work on old display monitors, so keep that in mind. Although Windows 10 can snap windows onto different sides of your screen to better organize your workspace, the latest version takes that to a whole new level with Snap layouts.

The method above works for Microsoft Surface tablets and almost every other tablet running Windows. The screenshot shortcut for Dell Latitude Windows tablets is the “power” and “Volume down” buttons simultaneously. Press and hold the “volume up” and “power” keys simultaneously to take a screenshot on these tablets.

BEST Ways to Fix Winscomrssrv.dll Error in Windows 10

They also show up in the Game DVR section of the Xbox app, from where you can share them with your Xbox Live friends. I think the easiest way on desktop is to use the screen recorder plugin. Pretty quick because you don’t need to download or register anything. All you have to do is to go on the FlexClip website, open a free account, start a new project, and select the corresponding option to include a Windows 10 screen recording – all for free. To record your whole desktop, and even stream it, it is possible to use the excellent VLC media player screen recorder for Windows 7 and other versions.

We’ve covered the step-by-step guide for this — so do check it below to know exactly what to do. It’s also possible that you may have paused Windows updates in the past and forgotten about it, or that the feature was disabled by an app or a bug. To check if that’s the case, press Win + I to open Settings. Although Windows 11 was released on the 5th of October, there are a great many people who have been waiting with bated breaths but to no avail.

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