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What is Reflexology?

Basically, it’s a foot massage, although it can also occur in the hands, ears and certain points of the face and head during the session of reflexology those organs or body parts that are in disequilibrium detected, ie , lacking health. The patient is painful, indicating which areas particularly hard.

Should be clear that there are very sensitive reflex points, and cause pain when pressed without this being indicative of impaired: solar plexus, lymph nodes, thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal gland, etc. The therapist detects anomalies, but can not diagnose diseases, this is work of specialists.

For example, pressing in the reflex zone corresponding to the stomach, the patient feels severe pain, as needles “. This indicates that the stomach is not good. What ?, This is an ulcer, gastritis, indigestion or perhaps something more serious? The reflexologist can not say. All that is in your hands massage the area is reflected in the foot until, after a few sessions, the pain is completely gone or greatly. At this point we know that the patient’s stomach has regained its footing and is healthy. At the end of the first working session, the reflexologist have located those health problems that affect the person. Some of them may be known by it, and just given new face. Perhaps we overlook many diseases that we consider normal: stiff muscles, insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, etc. Other diseases are often not detected because normally require highly specific tests. Such is the case of the paratoidea gland; a defect in their function alters the absorption of calcium, leading to future bone diseases.

How does it work?

Because manual pressure, nerve endings and other energy of the body are operated. Thus, it is the same patient’s body which is responsible for its self-healing, correcting the imbalance in altered structures and organs. Both ulcerative as a massage constipation are treated the same reflecting area: large intestine. Excess heartburn, gastritis and ‘lazy’ stomach require pressing the same point: the reflection of the stomach. In short, everything that is in excess and what is in default, return to normal, the balance or health, after repeated stimulation of the reflex points.

When we use this therapy?

Whenever we want to maintain and even enhance our state of health. It’s a great tool to generate vital energy and keep us in perfect condition. When you have installed the disease and want to heal the body noninvasively and without side effects. The results are surprising in many disorders: stress, anxiety, depression; hormonal problems (thyroid, parathyroid, gonads, pituitary, etc); musculoskeletal pain (lumbago, sciatica, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc); migraine headaches, migraines, rule, toothache, etc .; alterations in the digestive, respiratory, genitourinary, etc .; in acute and chronic infections Some diseases require a serious and thorough treatment.

Foot reflexology is then a tool in the healing strategy. It is suitable for any age, is completely harmless, even painful. From infants to seniors can benefit from this therapy. Note that the younger the organism, the greater the response sum auto body healing, reflexology offers us the opportunity to achieve a state of deep relaxation in which we release tension, calm the anxiety and overcome depression. Interns also own self-healing processes of the body, leading to a state of health and balance are activated. Combined with other habits such as a healthy diet, frequent exercise and mental relaxation, help us to live deep and authentic wellness.