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xero shoes sizing chart

This step is incredibly important because different activities and environments will require different acclimation periods. In the case of barefoot shoes, this is the musculature of the feet and ankles. The last thing you want is to go all out too fast with barefoot shoes and get incredibly sore which could detract from your normal training. Barefoot shoes are shoes designed to protect the foot while replicating barefoot movement. Barefoot shoes are also referred to as minimalist shoes. I fit Adidas 44 shoes and actually fit perfectly into Vivobarefoot 44. Running barefoot could improve your running performance, however, this may have more to do with the striding rather than the shoe.

  • Although they’re not a fashion shoe, the Xero Shoes Prio do have a smarter appearance than other minimalist shoes on the market.
  • There is plenty of room for your toes to splay naturally while running.
  • Sizing for a shoe is different than a sandal, so if you own one of our sandals, that doesn’t mean you’ll pick the same size in the Lena.
  • I’ve been wearing these for running in the past few months, and they’ve held up superbly…
  • If they fit your foot type and style, they are a great choice.
  • For example, if you just want to wear them on a daily basis, then your timeline will be much different than someone who wants to wear barefoot shoes for lifting, running, HIIT, and so forth.
  • Once you start wearing minimalist footwear, that tendon should return to normal.

From the adjustable huarache-style straps to the optional insole, no other shoe we tested provides the same flexibility of design features. As our Top Pick for Road Running, this shoe is likely to inspire your running for years to come. They are certainly not as lightweight as other road trainers we tested, but they are nearly unmatched when it comes to barefoot accuracy. Without the optional insole, there is no form of conventional support — but even with the insole, the difference in ground-feel is negligible. Mainly, the Prio is remarkably stable, thanks to its wide design that allows your foot to create its own solid platform naturally. With the added insole, the Prio is an excellent, genuine barefoot-style road runner with just a bit of cushion. Without the insole, the proprietary FeelTrue rubber of the thin, 5.5mm outsole provides the raw feedback diehard barefoot runners expect.

Barefoot Shoes Benefits: Are They Worth It?

Overall, I found these to be less comfortable and less stylish than the knit version, even though the leather might be a bit dressier. The width of the heel seems more apparent in the leather, so my thin ankles were prone to slipping. For all these reasons I haven’t worn them much, hence the knit version being the main focus of the review. If they fit your foot type and style, they are a great choice. You can also see that the toe box shape matches my Greek foot shape really well .

  • The Prio is a rugged and capable shoe, which I’m certain can withstand almost anything thrown at it, and more.
  • He also demonstrates a better way to size shoes that respects the shape of the natural human foot.
  • I like to compare barefoot shoes to really thin gloves.
  • As I mentioned, if you have never tried minimalist shoes, please make sure you do it gradually.
  • The width measurement provided by the Brannock Device is indicative of ball of foot width, not the width at the ends of the toes, which is where your foot ought to be the widest.

We recommend Xero models that are slip on only to folks with wide and tall ankles and heels, as they cannot be easily customized to suit folks with narrower hindfeet. Meanwhile, Xero models that have a tongue and lace up over the tongue can be easily customized to suit a variety of different foot volumes and shapes. This guide provides you with the same information our team uses to find your size.

The Best Xero Shoes For Women

That said, men with a narrow foot might still like the Lena. The Xero Shoes FeelTrue® sole comes with a 5,000-mile warranty on all of Xero Shoe’s shoes. They also offer a 12-month warranty against any manufacturing defects. I have had to use this once previously, and I can attest that Xero Shoes will stand behind their products. The only real downside to this warranty is that the sole can be kind of slappy when running.

xero shoes sizing chart

Check out this in-depth review of the Xero Phoenix flat for all the deets on sizing and ordering. But on dry days and mixed-surface runs, the Prio is a fair shoe. The rubber is not particularly tacky, and although the downward flexion is somewhat compromised compared to others we tested, the thin outsole still offers natural grip from the toes. The v-shaped, “Chevron” style lugs are thoughtfully reversed on the heel, providing some level of extra traction on downhills. Expect better performance on pavement and compact surfaces like gravel or dirt roads — on loose, rocky trails, the lugs are simply too shallow to prevent slipping. It seems like some of the extra padding on the upper could be sacrificed to save on swing weight, but it does make this a super comfortable shoe to slip on.

Sustainable Xero Shoes Z

Note that natural materials may stretch during initial wear. If you think of your foot as particularly narrow, you can consider ordering a women’s style. Many male customers find a great fit in the women’s styles. It also means that you’ll barely feel them, which also adds to the comfort.

By week four, you’ll have multiple exposures to different environments which can then help direct the following weeks. For example, if you’re fine wearing your barefoot shoes on a daily basis, but notice HIIT sessions produce a ton of fatigue, then you know where to spend a bit more energy on. Once you’ve defined when you want to wear your barefoot shoes, you’ll then want to explore your training background. Training backgrounds and history can help provide further direction into how long it will take you to acclimate and how hard you can push at the beginning.

How do you measure your feet for barefoot shoes?

Measure the distance from the middle point of the heel to the longest first or second toe. It depends which toe is longer for you. On the scale you can now see the internal length of the shoe in [cm].

We hope this guide will further assist you in your Xero shoe buying experience. The sole of the Z-Trail is thicker than our other sandals, so customers can get a roomier fit on this style, if preferred. Whether you’re out on a run, trying out a new trail, or hitting the gym, you’ll love the Prio’s combination of freedom and protection. Xero Shoes are responsibly, ethically, and fairly manufactured in China. We visit and work with our factories multiple times per year. The factories we use treat and pay their workers exceptionally well. Their high-quality materials mean that they are designed to last.

The Complete List Of Waterproof Barefoot Shoes For Rain

2 people returned the leather flats because they were too loose . When it comes to minimalist training, the Xero Shoes Prio is a shoe that offers solid protection while staying true to its barefoot-running roots.

How do you know if shoes are too big?

The simplest way to tell if a shoe is too big or too small is to look at how much room there is in the toe of the shoe. There should be about one finger’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

The Prio model from Xero Shoes is a staple in many barefoot shoes wardrobes. It’s the first minimalist shoe for many, xero shoes sizing chart a popular seller, and a reliable workhorse for everything from running, to weightlifting, to daily living.

Xero Prio Mens Size 8 5 Shoes Mykonos Blue Prm

This guide will cover Xero and Lems brand shoes, with other brands we carry to be added over time. The JP sizes should be the actual internal mms, but I don’t find that always to be the case.

xero shoes sizing chart

Natural FEEL — the Lena uses the 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole from our Z-Trek sandal. That means you get get great protection while still letting you feel the sensations that your feet and brain want. If you need a bit of extra protection, just toss in the optional 2mm insole. The sandal felt comfortable right out of the box, and it didn’t require any break-in time. But if you are new to minimalist sandals, you would find that your feet and legs take in the impact that the thinner soles don’t absorb, which might take some getting used to. This site was designed to share my feedback on various pairs of cross-training shoes and for various pieces of men’s apparel. I call it having a passion for great gear, others call it an obsession.

They also come in half sizes to make it even more convenient. The rubber sole is also very grippy, however, it’s not recommended to wear them in icy cold conditions as they’re not insulated or waterproof. The clever sole design has arrows pointing backward and forwards to provide grip when you’re traveling uphill and downhill. Have you been considering going down the minimalist shoe route? They’re the ultimate shoe for those who want to feel the ground underneath them. Designed for numerous different activities, from walking and running, to hiking and climbing, their versatility makes them incredibly popular.

The same goes for men as well, if men’s styles are too wide, try ordering a women’s style for a narrower fit. If you do find that you ordered the wrong size, Xero offers free returns within the United States. If you find that you have to go for a bigger size in normal shoes to get a wider fit, you probably won’t have to do that with the Prio shoes.

I think there’s a context where everyone can use barefoot shoes sparingly to gain benefits without having to change everything about their performance and footwear preferences. This is one pair of shoes we can really show the durability of because he wears these almost daily.

  • They allow for natural foot development and the proper biomechanics of movement.
  • You won’t get much assistance from the shoe to keep propelling you forward.
  • Once I had to relegate them to camp shoes, they were doubly frustrating due to how hard they were to put on for what I was using them for.
  • The knit material is somewhat stretchy and soft , and there is a little textured detail on the outside.

Here’s a quick video showing you how to measure your feet and get the correct size for your Xero Shoes DIY sandal kits. The soles of the Genesis, Cloud and Z-Trek are very thin and flexible. People like different types of fit — some like their toes near the end, others like 1/4″-1/2″ of extra space.

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