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What is Chiropractic massage?
This technique gets its name from “Quiros” meaning “hand” and “massage” is “shaking or kneading gently.” So literally means massage massage applied with the hands.

Can be defined as the technique of manual massage (massage therapy) in which maneuvers and movements (past) varied to make a tour of the whole body, ie all tissues covered by skin or soft tissue by using that the innate tools are our hands. Virtuously adapts to the anatomy of the receiver, seeking relief, a healing, a well-being (ie you can legally enjoy) with physical and mental impact.

This offer is a spiritual aspect in exchange for nice massage and the receiver feels comforting to both passively absorbing a source of health this coming from a similar, and the other had the immense satisfaction of relieving another bad person.

Wherein is based Chiromassage?
The Chiropractic massage is a pleasant walk along the anatomy of the person receiving cranial volume preferably, eg, from feet to head following an order in the past or maneuvers.

Used mostly hands to massage even more technical application can make use of forearms, elbows, techniques miotensives, touching exploration …

The massage technique is especially nice in its variant invigorating massage with excellent properties neurosensitivas, drainage and circulatory existing variants sports application with intensive cutting and trying to muscle strains and other musculoskeletal ailments.

The massage is linked to life in the animal kingdom. In the case of humans, today, is a technique that dominates this and as therapy and evolved the protocol but do not forget that gesture is a primary offering of love to mothers, self -alleujament automatic reflex against pain.

Anyone can intuitively apply massage without danger of causing any damage. Nature has provided us with hands, and sensitivity are all qualified to apply soothing massages intuitive source.

The best example is that of parents with their baby, is well known and proclaimed the benefits of contact with your child the emotional aspect, including social media, interaction, development. Many studies convincingly corroborate this fact.

Indications most common Chiromassage
Contractures and muscle atrophy, adhesions, sprains and strains, as adjuvant postoperative rehabilitation, sports download all phases, preparation, prevention, pre-competition and competition.
Combined with hydrotherapy, sauna, whirlpool, contrast baths, Turkish confer a therapeutic range of very fashionable these days.
Lymphatic and circulatory system tonic.
Resetting the joint release.
Strengthening and toning treatments in sports.
Circulation problems, lymphatic, bruising, edema.
Nervous system sedative and general tonic. Disorders and neurovegetative dystonia.
Musculoskeletal disorders, trauma and rheumatoid arthritis as scoliosis, back pain, back pain, cervical pain, sciatic pain and neuralgia in general; to support other more specific treatments applied by other professionals.
Stimulating overall health as agent immune unifies friendships and social, improves mood, tension and labor unloading help lift the spirits of those who suffer from mild anxiety disorders.
It is the basis of anti-cellulite treatments, gearboxes, body scrub, mud, chocolate, olive oils, aromatherapy body combined with chromotherapy, wine … beauty and relaxation-general.
Contraindications and Precautions
Infectious skin diseases.
Hyper-acute inflammation.
Hemorrhagic diseases and infections, tumors, cancer and tuberculosis.
With open wound injuries, fractures and fissures.
Osteomyelitis emerging.
Vascular diseases and suspected phlebitis or thrombophlebitis.
After surgical correction of the spine.
Cerebellar lesions, Parkinson’s disease, kidney stones, gall …
During pregnancy usually ends sitting or supine or lateral.
Neuralgia in acute phase.
Osteoporosis active.
Acute rheumatic diseases.
Ulcers internal or external burns.
Fibrous degeneration of muscle myopathies and uncompensated heart disease, pacemakers, bypass …
There are temporary contraindications such as hypertension, intolerances, allergies or vehicular essential oils, aches acute post-traumatic, post-surgical, rapid heartbeat, seizures Gouty …
Origin and history of quiromaje
Hippocrates, one of the fathers of Western medicine today, it was called “Anaptrisis” and wrote about massage therapy advising their friction slope in case of illness or dislocation of the joints, and even pointed the right way applying them.

Also performing certain manipulations in the abdominal region in the treatment of constipation. Hippocrates used to say that all doctors should learn to practice massage.

For over 5000 years there is evidence massage, rub, apply ointments. The Kong was the first treaty Taoist massage, 2500 BC It explained that massage and breathing are necessary for the preservation and renewal of people towards health.

Everyone is equipped with everything you need to massage. It is a matter of training guides to produce the desired effect.