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Osteopathy is as old as the world, the first references were discovered in the tomb of Ramses II, showing one hieroglyph manipulating 1 cubit.
In the heyday of Greek culture (377- 460 BC) Hippocrates writes with detail 1 Treaty of joints with articular reduction maneuvers with purely manual techniques, but the real birth of Osteopathy Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917) , physician and surgeon. Their religious beliefs and the death of his wife and 2 of their children as a result of an epidemic of meningitis caused him finding the means to perform healings. Still spent many years studying anatomy and physiology and the development of different techniques and manipulations aimed at restoring mobility and harmony of the human body.

The 1st School of Osteopathy was founded in 1892 USA

Still says: “Man is the masterpiece of nature, possesses in himself all the possibilities to combat and cure disease.” “To all external action, the Agency responds with 1 reaction it internally to combat pathological aggression.”
Still doctrine is of great simplicity, is axiom: “locate, arrange and leave” facilitating the Agency’s reaction it internally against external aggression.
We can consider the “osteopathic lesions” as a process of impaired mobility. No Doubt that the lack of mobility and therefore the decrease in blood contribution to the joints are the main causes responsible for the degenerative lesions.

Injuries Osteopathy treats:
60% are due to recent or old injuries.
20% are postural injuries, work or some other daily habit.
The other 20% are derived from food and disorderly life, stress and anxiety of modern life.

The pain in most cases is like an alarm bell indicating that something is wrong, but should not be neglected or treated lightly, Only measures that make the symptoms disappear; need to know why it hurts.

Osteopathy works on three levels:

Osteopathy JOINT:
Osteopathy as a basis for study of the body as a whole:
A physical examination is done and the affected systems are measured.
Is normalized in order to restore mobility in the area concerned.
Allow the body to react to standardization and facilitate their compensation.

The balance of the body and the proper harmony of lines Gravity is fundamental to the position of the spine and support your feet on the ground, it will depend on the progress and position of the head and the feet, producing the necessary adjustments Media.

The falls are so common, sometimes breech produce dysfunctions involving the coccyx adjustment anteroposterior line of gravity. You can produce an infinite number of such varied and distant secondary injuries such as headaches, neck, hemorrhoids, gynecological, depression ….

Sacral Osteopathy – Cranial:
Based on the movement of the bones of the skull resulting in a fluctuation of the spinal cerebrospinal fluid through reciprocal tension membranes.

Cranial Osteopathy thanks to super proven efficacy in the treatment of more serious conditions, especially children and the elders, and that will be imposed but still seems amazing, ignore certain doctors for various reasons, no doubt due to the difficulty of learning of this method and the high availability which is super practical and the extent and quality of the studies are not strangers in this ignorance.

Indications for Cranio-sacral osteopathy:

Pain, neuralgia, headaches, sinusitis, rhinitis, otitis, disturbances of the organs of the senses (hearing, sight, taste, smell ….), Balance Problems, spheno scoliosis, migraines, and some psychosomatic disturbances (nerves, distress, anxiety, etc …….)

Visceral osteopathy:
It is about a method essentially based on active and passive manipulation of specific organs and muscle exercises to relieve, elasticized, short takeoff and improve mobility of the visceral area.

It is the successful integration of the three parts (structural, visceral and cranial sacral) that should never act alone, understanding the individual as a unique and inseparable functional unit.
Currently the patient is becoming aware that the disease is up to you and take the decision to heal involves certain dynamism to take part in the search for the right path to health and balance.

Osteopathy is registered as an innovative stream, which will be one of the keys to the medicine of the future, softness and individualization techniques, can only be beneficial for those truly willing to do what it takes to heal and remain independent beings , lucid, active and available to enjoy all that life provides us.

The final objective of Osteopathy is thus allow the patient is free again, on whatever bases and start not only to exist but to be.