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Reiki is a Sanskrit word which means king, and KI universal energy, life energy.

This technique pipeline and transmission of vital energy through the laying on of hands, which is used for balance and peace at all levels:

Physical improvements in disease, injuries, metabolism, etc.
Emotional sentimental problems, aggressiveness, unhappiness, etc.
Mental harmful habits, stress, insomnia, etc.
Spiritual harmony, peace, balance, etc.

Reiki works cross going to the root of emotional or physical problem, allowing emotion or pattern of behavior that has created an imbalance, manifest and be healed.

It also helps in personal growth and the expansion of our consciousness.

Reiki therapy can receive all humans (healthy adults, the sick, pregnant women, children and babies), even animals and also plants.
It is a complementary therapy to conventional medicine and psychological therapies recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Reiki method is based on the Hindu belief about the chakras, to explain the health status of human beings. According to this belief, malfunction or blockage of one or more chakras would be caused or worsened by poor health resulting in diseases and disorders.
The reikista acts as a channeler of universal energy and its aim is to harmonize the plans re physical, emotional, mental and spiritual which have become ill. It was officially recognized and recommended by the * World Health Organization (WHO – WHO) for its positive results, for example is a highly recommended Reiki session before and / or after surgery.

Currently there are many schools of Reiki and each taught differently, but in all channeled the same Universal Energy, is that these currents Reiki acting under the same principle.

* Quote of the document “Normative where Pain Management Guidelines (Geneva, June 2007 Report Prepared by: Prof. Kumar NEET).”

Should we recommend the non-drug Modalities for example pyschological and Rehabilitation Approaches (Physiotherapy) Procedures like holistic herbal therapy, acupuncture, Faith based treatment, reiki and jugizu, music-therapy, arts and dramatization in the play-acting techniques Other Distraction May be Used in the treatment of pain Patients garlic.

What is Reiki?

Throughout our lives there are blockages that impede the flow of internal energy, so sometimes we feel desarmonizados.

When our vital energy (Ki) is strong, we are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy. When our vital energy is very low, we can ill or unbalanced in several ways. One of the ways in which we replenished ourselves Vital Force is using Reiki.

Reiki is a holistic technique as it harmonizes and unlock all levels of the human, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Not attacking the body in any way and neither addictive nor side effects or collateral as unused chemicals or foreign objects in the body but only the life energy that is present in all living things.

Reiki can be used to:

• To release repressed emotions
• Increase energy level by providing mental and physical vitality
• Revitalization organic and whole body rejuvenation
• In most cases Reiki increases the effects of medical treatment when used in conjunction with it ever replacing this
• Induce a state of relaxation to reduce or eliminate anxiety
• Relieve the suffering is so physical, emotional, mental or spiritual
• Helps eliminate the daily stress we are subjected to the demands of modern life
• Migraines, depression, menstrual cramps, constipation
• Helps cleanse the body and mind of all kinds of toxins
• In the case of terminally ill patients, can give much relief to the affected person and his family group
• Pregnancy and Postpartum
• Facilitate sleep and reduce depression
• Eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia)
• Can be used to help plants and animals
To access Reiki should not be sick, anyone who feels that “something more” and does not know why, and did not find much meaning to things you do in your daily life, you may find its rationale and be in this life through Reiki.

Through this method, we make our body becomes healthier, the thinking becomes calmer and increase the joy of living.