Google Alerts

Google Alerts

By default, Chrome alerts you whenever a website, app, or extension wants to send you notifications. Sick of Google spamming your phone with notifications about news articles? They can be pretty annoying, especially if you have no interest in most of the featured stories.

Unlike its competitors, Google News Alerts does not monitor social media or send real-time notifications. If you’re looking to simply track your brand or keyword online, Talkwalker Alerts will help you monitor all your brand mentions from across the internet to your inbox. It’s pretty useful for daily stand-up meetings or quick reports on your online brand health.

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Make the desired changes to your alert or alert delivery by clicking on the dual arrows and selecting an alert setting option from the dropdown tabs. To control the amount of notifications that you receive, under ‘Number of notifications’ tap an amount between ‘Low’ and ‘High’.

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Under the “Show Options” you can customize and update your alerts. Check out our list of the best newsclipping services for a more detailed comparison of Google News Alerts, Universal Information Services, and PR Newswire. Complete review of Google News Alert newsclipping service with pros and cons, company info, and comparisons with PR Newswire and Universal Information Services. David Nield is a freelance contributor at Popular Science, producing how to guides and explainers for the DIY section on everything from improving your smartphone photos to boosting the security of your laptop. He doesn’t get much spare time, but when he does he spends it watching obscure movies and taking long walks in the countryside.

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Negative reviews were quite sparse, but several customers stated that the email alerts needed to be specific and could fill up your email inbox. If you or the company you work for are in the writing business, Google Alerts is a fantastic way to scan the web for plagiarism. Anyone with a Google account can create a Google Alert for any phrase or topic. The Google Alerts service is especially useful for notifying users of corporate stock values, product announcements or press releases. Would you like to know when someone on the internet publishes something related to news, products, businesses, or even a personal name? Google Alerts can notify you when certain terms are published online.

  • The latter option takes into account several factors, including the site it was published on, and how many times people click on it, among others.
  • You can either view your alerts via email or you can visit Google Alerts, go to the “My Alerts” section, and browse the collection.
  • Additionally, PR Newswire users can also monitor social media and broadcast outlets.
  • You can see and respond instantly without jumping through any additional hoops.
  • Google Alerts alternatives range from free tools to enterprise-class analytics platforms.
  • Google Alerts is an excellent tool if you need a steady stream of custom, curated content relevant to your industry or business needs.

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